Wine Grapes now available as an ebook

Now portable and fully searchable, Wine Grapes is available for iPad, Kindle and other e-readers. This new digital version, priced at roughly half the cost of the hardback, is perfect if you are out and about.

The hardback version of Wine Grapes, published in November 2012 to great international acclaim, has won every major wine book award on both sides of the Atlantic and has been described as both the Bible and the Torah of grape varieties.

This brand new ebook gives you access to all the information in the original hardback, as well as links to versions of all 14 ground-breaking pedigree diagrams.

In the UK, buy your copy at £49.99 from: (Kindle) (all Kindle devices, the kindle app for Android and iOS, and Kindle previewer software for PC and Mac computers) or from the publishers Penguin (ePub) (cannot be read on kindle nor iPad, but only on ADE software and ADE-based devices listed here)

In the US, buy at $74.99 from: (Kindle) or Barnes & Noble (Nook)

The iPad version is available for $62.99 from the US iTunes Store and £49.99 from the UK iTunes Store (iPad/iPhone version readable only via the iBooks app for iOS)