#NotInWineGrapes competition

Although we would have loved Wine Grapes to be an exhaustive book, we knew that some grape varieties would have slipped through our net.

Help us to spot them!

How to win?

Find a wine grape variety that is NOT in Wine Grapes (check synonyms!) and that was used to make commercially available wine released BEFORE 2011 (when we completed the text of Wine Grapes) and contact us here

The prize?

A bottle of fine wine from Valais (Switzerland) made with the canton’s celebrated indigenous varieties, sent to you by José Vouillamoz and generously offered by Les Vins du Valais

The winners?

The first 10 successful players, after the authors’ validation of the wine(s) and grape(s)

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Varieties already spotted before the idea of a competition came up (27 Jan)

Alphonse Lavallee, Beta, Bluebell, Cabernet Foch, Cabernet Libre, Carina, Chanel Paradisa, ES 9-2-44, Garrò, Grechetto Rosso, King of the North, Michurinets, Ortega, Petite Milo, Pinorico, Plavaï, Putzscheere, Raisaine, Red Muscadine, Roobernet, Rosa, Roter Milan, Shannon, Vergennes, Vivant

Competition winners


Winner Wine grape Producer(s) Country Twitter
1 Giovanni Arpaia Agostinella http://cecas.it/ Italy @Gio_Mosel
2 Gal Zohar (http://about.me/zoharwine) Baladi www.civielle.com Palestine @zoharwine
3 Luiz Horta (http://blogs.estadao.com.br/luiz-horta/) Goethe Primo http://www.casadelnonno.com.br Brazil @estadao
4 Sarah and Ettore (http://www.antiquatours.com) Giacchè http://casalecentocorvi.biz/web/ Italy @AntiquaTours
5 Robert Slotover (http://www.slotovino.blogspot.ch/) Voudomato www.hatzidakiswines.gr Greece
6 Sean Myles (http://www.cultivatingdiversity.org/) Castel http://grandprewines.ns.ca/ Canada @foodimprover
7 Maria Zioga Mouchtouri www.musesestate.com Greece @mariazioga
8 Milan Nagy Medina www.ebbvin.hu/ Hungary
9 Chrissie McClatchie Saint-Jeannet http://allamand.com.ar/ Argentina @Chrissie_M
10 Umay Çeviker Patkara http://www.5d.com.tr/ Turkey @UmayCeviker
As of 17 March 2013, the competition is over. Congratulations to the winners. Please continue to get in touch with us if you think you have spotted a variety that deserves a place in any new edition!